Past and Present: A Celebration of Generosity

Suze Orman once said, “True generosity is an offering: given freely and out of pure love. No strings attached. No expectations.” For the past few years, we at Sons and Daughters of Haiti have been so privileged to serve the locals in Haiti, giving our time, energy and resources. None of this would be possible without the people who believe in our mission and support us in whatever way they can. We’ve learned that giving is not always about pulling out your wallet; it’s also about lending a hand.

Therefore, there’s no way to truly measure our impact, but rest assured we are making great progress, which is exciting to see! We kicked off the year with a successful album release party in Chicago, IL for artist JBeatz, followed by our 5K Walk/Run. We are so grateful for the turnout for both events! We were able to collect medical supplies and travel to Haiti with our team to host our annual health fair in Pignon, Haiti. We saw over 100 patients within two days, and our in-house physician and director, Dr. Sandra Laveaux, MD, MPH provided basic healthcare needs and medication. We saved some time for leisure (because we believe in a healthy balance of work and play) by visiting the Citadel.

Special thanks to Tania Delinois of Cornerstone Preschool, Veronica Cyrus, Herbert Emile, Nosbens Clervil, Hosean International Ministries, Krissy Joseph, DJ’FIRE and Blaze International Production for their invaluable contributions and to Brother’s Brother Foundation for the medication and medical supply donations.

To close out the year, we will be honoring the key contributors, who have really helped make our events and mission trips a success, at our inaugural gala. There will be live music by international artist, Phyllisia Ross, Oliver Duret, catered dinner by “Taste of Haiti Orlando 2018” winner, Chef Robinson Joseph, a special dance performance by The Remnant, raffles and giveaways. The night will feature guest speaker 2016 Olympian Naomy Grand’Pierre. Please join us and get chance to learn more about Sons and Daughters of Haiti, meet the board and honorees, and help us celebrate great things to come. Get your tickets now!


Friends of Maggie (Yole)

Dear friends,
Six members from one family; including our beloved Yole and Tony, lost their lives on Saturday September 2, 2018. This tragedy leaves us all with heavy hearts, wondering if one would ever recover. By the same token, we are asking how is this family going to deal with the costs of burials. Your support is crucial to our efforts to raise $5000 and show the family we stand with them. If you’re able, we would love it if you could make a donation to help us achieve our mission of telling the family we feel their pain.

Please receive our sincere thanks in advance for your contribution.

Follow the instructions outlined below:

1. Click on the “Donate” tab
2. Select the amount you would like to donate
3. Click the dropdown menu under the section “Would you like to donate this to a specific campaign?” and select ‘Friends of Maggie (Yole)
For more info call: (678)-533-9525 or email at

Aly Laveaux

Donate by Mail

Sons and Daughters of Haiti
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SNDHAITI July 2018 Mission Trip

We at Sons and Daughters of Haiti are excited to share this picture documentation of our 2nd annual mission trip to Haiti. Thanks to the support from the sponsors and participants of our October 28th, 2017 Haitian Comedy Night in Chicago, IL, April 28th, 2018 JBeatz Album release party in Chicago, IL and May 5th, 2018 5k run for Hope in Coconut Creek, FL we were able to impact lives in Haiti. Special thanks to Tania Delinois of Cornerstone Preschool, Veronica Cyrus, Herbert Emile, Nosbens Clervil, Hosean International Ministries, Krissy Joseph, DJ’FIRE and Blaze International Production for their invaluable contributions and to Brother’s Brother Foundation for the medication and medical supply donations. Please enjoy the pictures!! We hope to see you all at our Holiday Gala on December 22nd, 2018 and 5k in May, 2019.

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Holiday Gala

Join Sons and Daughters of Haiti as we celebrate the holiday season and honor key contributors to the organization’s success. Bring old friends and make new ones as we wine, dine and dance the night away!! The night will feature guest speaker 2016 Olympian  Naomy Grand’Pierre.  Festivities will include a variety of raffles, door prizes, and dinner by “Taste of Haiti Orlando 2018” winner, Chef Robinson Joseph. Entertainment will feature a special dance performance by The Remnant, live performance by Oliver Duret and live music by international artist, Phyllisia Ross. Purchase your tickets in advance and save your spot for this special event.

Proceeds will benefit Sons and Daughters of Haiti’s 2019 annual health and wellness fair.

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Happy Flag Day!!

It’s that time again! When it come’s to our beloved Haiti’s flag, it is truly a symbol of our freedom and pride that must be celebrated with great fanfare. For some, May 18 is just another day, but for our brothers and sisters in Miami, Boston, New York, Chicago and other parts of the U.S., it’s a cause for music and dancing. This day is especially significant to Sons and Daughters of Haiti because it reminds us of who we are as a people, how far we’ve come as a nation and how important our country’s legacy is as the world’s first independent black republic. That’s why we are passionate about our mission and the work we are doing. We kicked off the year with an album release party for Jbeatz and to start off Haitian Heritage Month, we hosted our Second Annual 5K Walk and Run on May 5th at Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek. We are truly grateful for our sponsors Cornerstone Preschool, Express Tax1, Leadstar Financial, Dugazon Investment Group and for those who participated to help us raise money for our Medical Missions Trip this summer. As our organization grows and continues to make a name for itself in Chicago, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale, we look forward to executing some of our key initiatives to help restore Haiti to its former glory. We recognize the collaborative effort needed to give the people access to health care, a quality education and job opportunities. So as we celebrate our country’s historical achievements, let’s unite to ensure its future success. Keep checking our website for upcoming events and to find out how you can be a part of it. L’union Fait La Force!


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What’s New at SNDHAITI!!

We know that we are nearly two months into 2018 already, but our calendars are still ripe for lifelong experiences and lessons. So far we’ve learned that popularity and wealth are not good prerequisites or indicators of effective leadership; hard work, determination and unity pay off (congratulations to Haiti’s women soccer team); and now, more than ever, Haiti needs our collective efforts to regain the economic preeminence that it once enjoyed. We refuse to be perceived as inferior and are thankful when influential people, like Conan O’Brien and Anderson Cooper, use their platforms to defend and expose our history and culture.

Their activism—in response to recent events—serve as reminders for our organization to continue thriving in the face of adversity, and to remember why we do what we do. In the final analysis, we want to set an example for the younger generation of Haitians so they can take our baton of passion and run with it. We want Haiti to be seen and discussed…in a positive light. Of course we know this will take much time and work, but we are committed to the journey ahead.

Last year, we were able to host our first 5K Run/Walk and Family Comedy Show, featuring popular Haitian comedians, TonTon Bicha and Kako. We also coordinated a medical mission trip to Haiti, where we distributed medication, met with patients, presented a health lecture, and sat with local officials to brainstorm and discuss ideas that will help us expand our reach and impact. The supportive men and women who stood with us made all of our efforts possible.

This year, we want to keep the momentum going by getting involved in Haitian communities, locally and abroad. In just a couple of months, we will be hosting Jbeatz Chicago’s Album Release Party on April 28, 2018 in Chicago, IL and our Second Annual 5K for Hope Run/Walk at Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek, FL on May 5, 2018, which will be bigger and better than the last one. We look forward to seeing both familiar AND new faces. Please check our page at periodically for upcoming events. See you soon!

SNDHaiti 2nd Annual 5K for Hope Run/Walk

Sons and Daughters of Haiti, Inc., a local non-profit is lacing up and hitting the pavements to raise funds for an important cause. The organization is hosting a 5K Run/Walk at 7 a.m. on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, FL. The race is sanctioned by USA Track & Field. The event will feature music by DJ Vladimix and a dance presentation in celebration of Haitian Heritage Month.
To purchase tickets click here. Proceeds will benefit Sons and Daughters of Haiti’s first annual health and wellness fair scheduled for this upcoming summer. Men, women and children residing in Haiti will have an opportunity to receive free health screenings.

Last Year’s Run!





Chicago please join us on Saturday April 28, 2018 for JBeat’s Chicago official album release party. Special guests – Krissy Joseph, Blondedy Ferdinand, and DJ’fire. Dress to impress as the Kompa world will be watching with @Ayitibiyografi capturing this phenomenal event. A special 🎁 for the best dressed male and female
Address: Badri Banquet 6424 N.Western Avenue Chicago Illinois 60645

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Start Your #GivingTuesday with SNDHaiti!

As we reflect on this past year, we at Sons and Daughters of Haiti (SNDHaiti) are overwhelmed with gratitude for all the support we have received from our donors, friends, family and well-wishers. We realize that this is what the creed of our flag, “L’union fait la force,” is all about. In unity, everyone combined his or her time, talent, money and energy to help reach a common goal—to make our beloved Haiti a better place. This is no small feat and we’ve only gotten started! Living in America, we have much to be grateful for, and this is why we are so passionate about helping our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Thank you for joining us on our mission.

In 2017, we had the opportunity to host a 5K Run/Walk in Florida, travel to Haiti for SNDHaiti’s inaugural health and wellness mission trip and host a Haitian Family Comedy Night in Chicago, IL. We would like to give special thanks to our board and prominent individuals in the Haitian community who helped make all of our efforts a success.

As we look to the future, we realize that although some work has been done there is much more ahead of us.  It will take unwavering commitment and determination to improve the country’s infrastructure, quality of education and health care system.  We know that people like you can help unlock the doors of opportunity to help us power our mission to create impactful change.

In the spirit of the global day of generosity, #GivingTuesday, we urge you to remember our cause and support our efforts. What better way to kick off this charitable season than to make a donation toward our non-profit, Sons and Daughters of Haiti? Your contributions can help stop the bleeding and influence small acts of kindness. Spread the news, tell all your co-workers, friends and family about it—SNDHaiti is doing great things and anyone can be a part of it. Learn more about it here.