In 2014 we had an unfortunate experience with a fraudulent investor and as a result were unable to complete a project we had undertaken in Haiti. During this trying time we learned a few lessons:

  • Developing a project requires a lot of time, dedication and planning
  • Finding funding to complete a project is difficult!… especially in a developing country due to concerns about economic instability
  • Banks are unwilling to invest in a project if 50% or more of required funds are not available

Although the experience was difficult, the lessons learned led to our decision to create a portal that would connect individuals and organizations who have project ideas with vetted investors who can provide financial support for these projects. Furthermore, we thought to ourselves, who better to reach out to than the sons, daughters and friends of Haiti. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with. We know that the journey will not be easy and the heights that we will reach will not be attained by sudden flight but we plan to toil upwards until our dream of a better Haiti is a reality. Together We Rise… Ayiti Cheri.