Haiti is a nation with a gorgeous landscape; blessed with the triple threat of beautiful beaches, breath-taking mountains and thick and lustrous forestry. Haiti was the first black nation to gain its independence in 1804. Its main exports were sugar and coffee and many  great nations fought to have this land as their own. Over time this nation has fallen from decades of abandonment, corruption, illiteracy, natural disasters and poor leadership.

The 2010 earthquake that shook the tectonic plates over which Haiti sits and the recent restoration of Haiti’s democratic government may prove to be the potential springboard for the socioeconomic revival of this once great nation. This is where Sons and Daughters of Haiti comes in; our goal is to:

  1. Find opportunities to serve within Haiti and fund projects that aim to improve the environment, create job opportunities and highlight the beauty and riches of our country
  2. Connect individuals and organizations who have project ideas for Haiti with investors who can fund these projects
  3. Re-invest funds from membership dues, donations and apparel sales into the community by sponsoring health fairs, sports and recreational activities for the youth and environmental wellness projects