Is Haiti on Your Christmas List?

Christmas is upon us…yet again. The weather (for you upstate folks), decorations and advertisement assure us of that! For many of us fortunate enough to live in the land of opportunity and resources, and ambitious enough to pursue and seize careers that come with a sizable or decent income, this is an exciting time for shopping and celebrating! But with all the commercialism that surrounds this holiday, this can easily become a selfish occasion for us as well.

A few months ago, several organizations, Sons and Daughters of Haiti being one of them, made up of men and women of Haitian descent got together to donate their money, time and essential items to the people in Haiti who had been impacted by Hurricane Matthew. There were no complaints in that hot and stuffy warehouse in North Miami, where hundreds of people worked around the clock to pack boxes with medication, clothes, shoes and toys.

Instead, there was a sense of pride, patience and cooperation combined with camaraderie and gratitude as the donations poured in from anonymous sources online and walk-ins referred to the cause by friends and co-workers. That week of unpaid work and dedication was the perfect portrayal of generosity…and the epitome of the true Christmas story.

Before God’s miracle unfolded in Bethlehem, He saw a need that spanned about 800 years and that would continue to affect generations throughout the earth up until our present day. He saw a people who were poor in spirit and lacking hope. He saw a people hungry for something more solid than food. He saw a people in need of a Savior. He didn’t just see Israel; He saw Haiti.

So He gave us His Son wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger. This was not exactly the sort of welcome you’d expect for a King, but Jesus’ birth was never meant to be a symbol of wealth and status; it was an expression of love. God gave because He loved. And that is what he requires from us.

Sure, it’s nice to get together with family and friends, and exchange wonderful gifts. But nothing beats being God’s hands and feet in the lives of people who feel forgotten and unseen, especially during a season inspired by God’s generosity. How will you make an impact this Christmas? Let Sons and Daughters of Haiti inspire you!

By Ifonia Jean

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