A Night of Inspiration Brings Hope: Tokyo 2020

It is often said that comfort holds us back more than fear does. How true is that! Last year we took a leap of faith and tried something different—we hosted our inaugural Holiday Banquet! Of course, we had some nagging reservations about the event, but we are proud to share that we exceeded our expectations.

Sons and Daughters of Haiti recognized seven dynamic entrepreneurs who represent the Haitian men and women who are impacting their communities. Needless to say, we had a great turnout and the food was delectable. The group, The Remnant moved the attendants with an interpretive dance presentation, while Gina and Jeanelle Demargeau performed a few selections as a duet. To top it off, Haitian artist Phyllisia Ross, along with her band, brought down the house with a performance of some of her hits, including Only for You and Konsa.

Haitian-American Olympic swimmer, Naomy Grand’Pierre spread some inspiration with a riveting and transparent account of her journey to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. As she shared, the experience has motivated her to prepare for Tokyo 2020 in hopes of inspiring “Haitians all over the world to embrace the history of Haiti with pride and dignity, so together we can showcase Haitian beauty as a way to counteract the negative stigmas being spread.”

We are committed to help Naomy, and other Haitian swimmers, realize their dreams because we know a win for them is a victory for Haiti. Through our initiative, Road to Tokyo, and generous supporters like you, we know we can reach our goal.