Sons and Daughters of Haiti (SNDHaiti) Athletic Training and Recreation Park

The purpose of this park is two- fold…
Athletic training: With the completion of the 2016 Olympic Games in which Haiti continued with its 84-year long drought (with no medal), Haiti’s dire need for a center where the Haitian athletes can train has been magnified. Unlike many other Caribbean islands that have affiliations with developed nations allowing them access to superior training facilities and personnel, Haiti does not have any such affiliation and unfortunately lacks a national facility or center where the Haitian athletes are able to train. We want to change this! … We want to be a center that provides a world class training facility to the hard working and dedicated athletes in Haiti who have committed their lives to excellence in their sport.
Recreational Park: As technology advances and invades every facet of our lives we need to make every effort to ensure that we and our children spend time outside. It is our responsibility to live active and healthy lives so that we can teach our children the importance of this. Also, what better way to encourage the youth to aspire to greatness; playing side by side with training athletes will hopefully serve this purpose.